Renovation as Creation

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In this 40m2 flat located in Holešovice in Prague, the architect chose to create a living space that would bring out the elements from the 1870s. 

Two worlds, old and new meet: the use of existing elements, contrary to local practices of erasure and addition of modern elements. These details also gave emotion and personality to the space by creating different ambiances through the use of the different materials. Another important element is the cross ventilation provided by the corridor which acts as a funnel between windows on both sides (one facing courtyard and one facing the street).

The end result is a ready to move-in apartment, which has the added value of its design, which is to create a harmony between the old and the new. It has a modern touch while it still emphasizes and respects its past, combining the necessary elements to create a cozy, calm and bright living space.

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