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This 56m2 flat is located in the center of Prague. The main part of the design was to give the apartment an industrial touch and a loft style. This was done by introducing structures in metal and also glass-blocks, as well as creating an open layout of the space. 

Most of the furniture was custom made by the architect (bedside tables, living room and bedroom shelves and the kitchen). Selected pieces of vintage furniture were purchased to underline the urban loft era of the 1980s, a perfect example of this are the lights over the kitchen counter which are original factory lamps.

The living room in the loft was designed as a moveable space, which could be altered by the opening of unfolding doors, which are hidden in the central wall. 

One of the most interesting aspects of this loft is the play between natural and artificial light. The use of glass blocks provides a stylish and private wall which allows natural light to flow in during the day and it also illuminates the rest of the loft even when the light comes from within.

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