Eclectic Design

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This 36m2 flat located in Holešovice in Prague has an electric design with predominant touches of wood.

The architect's main concern was to create a better spatial distribution for the apartment. She built a bigger kitchen with a “homey” touch given by the wood and artistic splashes of paint. A small living space was designed with a slight 1920's look, using vintage tables, chairs and posters that were acquired in a flea market. The bedroom is comforting yet tastefully decorated, the geometrical shelves were designed and built by the architect, accompanied by Moroccan wall lamps which provide cozy lighting.

The use of painted bands on the walls help to differentiate between the rooms and gives a more colorful touch to the flat; at the same time the wall does not reach the ceiling which also allows the entrance of natural light into the living space. 

The end result is a small yet comfortable and artfully decorated apartment which reflects a simple yet eclectic style.

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